CastleWar Plan
  Kal Shortcuts
  Ally Rules
  Ally Regeln

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Z - Rennen / Run
G - Guild/Allyinfo
V - PvP-info
X - Sitzen / Rest
F - Freundesliste/ Friendlist
S - Skills
C - Charakterinfo
Q - Questinfo
I - Inventar / Inventory
P - Partyinfo
H - Animal
M - 1x Small Map, 2x Bigger Map
. - Info about your Saving/MovingSpots
, - Whole KAL-Map
T - Shop

Page Up - Zoom in
Page Down - Zoom out

F1 - inagame help
F2 bis F11 MacroShouts, writeable over CTRL+ALT+8


/suicide - commit suicide with a loss of exp!

/party Name - invite a player to a party

/expelparty Name - kick the player from party

/duel Name - ask for a duel

/surrender - surrender from the duel

/clear - clears the chatting window

/set time X - set the ingame time from 0-24

/set hideme - hides ur char from the screen, for screenshots or videos. Same command brings up ur char again. Best to set as makro.

/set hideui - hides the userinterface, works like hideme.


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