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a small vid from the last WAR

Finally we participated in CastleWar. But we had more to fight other attackers, especially "Attacker"-Mages who splashed the reSpawn. Most were one-hit, but it was annoying, especially one mage from Oceania, she couldnt stop attacking us, but died all the time. Rumors say she was expelled from guild after the WAR.

Link to the Video

Endlich haben wir im CastleWar teilgenommen, aber wir mussten eher andere andere Attacker bekämpfen als alles andere, speziell einige "Attacker"-Mages, die im reSpawn splashten. Die meisten waren One-Hit, aber es war sehr nervend., speziell eine Mage von Oceania, die nicht aufhören konnte uns anzugreifen, aber die ganze Zeit nur hingerichtet wurde. Gerüchte besagen, sie wurde nach dem WAR aus der Gild geworfen.

2.5.07 00:53

new features

As you can see, we are keeping on to improve the site with new features. We recommend to use FireFox and to use AddOns and PlugIns such as Adblock and the Adblock FilterSet. Properly installed no adverstiment should bother you anymore. Have fun.

Wie ihr sehen könnt, verbessern wir die Seite mit neuen Erweiterungen. Wir raten dazu FireFox und AddOns sowie PlugIns zu nutzen wie Adblock und das dazugehörige Adblock FilterSet. Richtig installiert sollten euch keine Werbeeinblendungen stören. Viel Spass.

2.5.07 19:32

A new dungeon is coming


▶April R & S(Reports & Suggestions)◀

3. Request for adding new dungeon

There have been a number of requests for adding new dungeon in KalOnline. We will try to add new dungeon to the game as soon as the tests are completed.

Probably it will the "Korean Island Event" which is also named as D5.

5.5.07 14:10

Epitaph disbanded

For all who didnt know yet, Epitaph just disbanded after the last CW.

Für alle, die es noch nicht wissen, Epitaph hat sich aufgelöst. 

petals (Leader) Statement: For those of you who may or may not know, today i disbanded Epitaph. It wasn't an easy desicion, but one i had been thinking about making for some time now. Kal is not the same as it was either when epi was formed or when it was at it's peak. People have grown and changes in their personal lives have also changed thier gaming lives. This is true about all kal i believe. We all see the quitting topics on here everyday, and we all know people who quit and don't even make the posts.

So with guilds getting thinner on players due to quittings, other players have opted to be "PvP mercineries" or PvP whores as i refer to them tongue.gif in order to try and keep some sort of excitement. a little over a month ago epi left the PL ally to form an ally of it's own. I did this to try and add some more excitement for as many people as i could in all of kal, i believe it may have only prolonged the inevitable.

Epitaph was formed in Feb '06 during the mass blockings for the ToD/ToE hacks. Myself and a group of friends were in KiNGs after having been in Kinship together. When MayaThi was blocked for about 4-6 weeks and there was no sign as to when they would be back, and with all of us itching for war, my wife suggested we leave KiNGs and make a new guild of our own.

epi was lvl 4 within hours and the guild was a force within just a couple weeks. after just 1 month XaNDeR took a risk on an up and coming guild and 2 weeks after that the DS Krew took the castle to go on and hold it as the DS Krew and the PL ally for almost a full year, with only a couple weeks sprinkled in as attackers.

The road has been a long and hard one. We've had our ups and downs, our lovers and haters. but there was always something about a true epi member that made them stick out from the rest of kal. we all saw it in each other and it brought us all very close to each and formed some great bonds. those bonds will never be broken even with the passing of the guild. We will always be epi....we're all Epi 4 Life! MouF! RaWRZ0rz!

Bottom's up...

6.5.07 03:59

MassExitus in CoP

Weird thing happend on hanin. During the CastleWar, everybody in CoP died. Noone knows whether it was a bug or some sort of hacker. Some people took rebirth, some started from village and lost 20% exp and some ust relogged and we alive again...really strange...

Merkwürdige Dinge passieren auf hanin. Während des CWs starb plötzlich jeder in CoP. Niemand weiss ob es ein Bug oder ein Hacker war. Einige nahmen eine RB, andere drückten "Start from Village" und verloren 20% exp, andere reloggten und lebten wieder....sehr Merkwürdig...


6.5.07 04:05

Weekly News


So, whats up the recent days? Again several people died in CoP, it came out that Abraxxas (a StormMage) used some sort of hack to cast dozend storms at same time! Hopefully its fixed by now.

Our alliance densed out, as MUTANTENCORPS and OfDarkness left. They felt uncormfortable with the english taking in the allychat. We wish them better luck on theire next ally. We now invited AlmasObscura and one guild-spot is still left over.

This week SoeldnerMBH goes into PvP against Obsession for their first time. Good luck for them, we will report about the outcome.


So, was passierte die letzten Tage? Wieder starben einige Spieler in CoP, es kam heraus, dass Abraxxas (eine StormMage) einen Hack benutzte um mehrere Stürme zeitgleich zu casten. Hoffentlich ist es mittlerweile behoben.

Unsere Ally ist etwas ausgedünnt, da MUTANTENCORPS und OfDarkness uns verlassen haben. Sie kamen mit der englishen Sprache nicht zurecht, der im AllyChat vorherrscht. Wir wünschen ihnen viel Glück bei ihrer nächsten Ally. Daher haben wir jetzt AlmasObscuras eingeladen und haben nun noch einen Gildenplatz frei.

Diese Woche ist die SoeldnerMBH zum ersten Mal beim Gilden-PvP gegen Obsession. Viel Glück, wir werden über das Ergebniss berichten.

10.5.07 19:20

what a mess---

SoeldnerMBH vs Obsession

Stick! This PvP was really disappointing for both sides. Soeldner invited Mercs already a day before the PvP-War, and Obsession wasn't able to invite any, due to the fact there were no Mercs left. The PvP itself was short and not very exciting. Soeldner started late, waited till all mobs were lurred away and took accidently the wrong path. They arrived at Obsessions spawn, just to see, that none of them had left the spawn. The fight against them was more like a slaughter. Some Obsession players were so low, they werent able to hit one of Soeldners vagas, who ran around with no armor (the armor was lend to a friend.) Most of Obsession was one-hitted. Soeldner shortened this mess with just going for the praying.

After the war, Obsession players shouted several insults - calling Soeldner KSers and noobs for taking Mercs. Funny thing thou - the leader of Obsession tried to get Mercs himself, but...well..I said it already, no Mercs left.

SoeldnerMBH vs Obsession

Dieses PvP war sehr enttäuschend für beide seiten. Soeldner lud PvP-Soeldner schon einen Tag vor dem PvP ein und Obsession konnte keine einladen, da keine PvP-Soeldner mehr zur Verfügung standen. Der PvP selber war kurz und enttäuschend. Zu anfang wartete Soeldner bis alle Mobs weggelurred wurden und nahmen dann ausversehen den falschen weg. Sie kamen im Spawn von Obsession aus, nur um herauszufinden, dass diese nicht einmal den Spawn verlassen hatten. Der Kampf war mehr eine Abschlachtung, eine ObsessionSpieler waren so niedrig, dass sie selbst einen Vaga ohne Armor (verliehen an einen Freund) nicht treffen konnten. Daher, Obsession waren zumeist onehit-Opfer. Soeldner verkürzte das gesammte Dilemma und erfüllte das PvP-Ziel.

Nach dem PvP shouteten einige Obsession Spieler Beleidigungen - benannten Soeldner als KSer und Noobs, dass sie PvP-Soeldner eingeladenen haben. Lustig, denn der Leader von Obsession versuchte zuvor noch einige der schon eingeladenen PvP-Soeldner für sich zu bekommen, aber es waren ja keine mehr vorhanden.

12.5.07 02:10

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