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Epitaph disbanded

For all who didnt know yet, Epitaph just disbanded after the last CW.

Für alle, die es noch nicht wissen, Epitaph hat sich aufgelöst. 

petals (Leader) Statement: For those of you who may or may not know, today i disbanded Epitaph. It wasn't an easy desicion, but one i had been thinking about making for some time now. Kal is not the same as it was either when epi was formed or when it was at it's peak. People have grown and changes in their personal lives have also changed thier gaming lives. This is true about all kal i believe. We all see the quitting topics on here everyday, and we all know people who quit and don't even make the posts.

So with guilds getting thinner on players due to quittings, other players have opted to be "PvP mercineries" or PvP whores as i refer to them tongue.gif in order to try and keep some sort of excitement. a little over a month ago epi left the PL ally to form an ally of it's own. I did this to try and add some more excitement for as many people as i could in all of kal, i believe it may have only prolonged the inevitable.

Epitaph was formed in Feb '06 during the mass blockings for the ToD/ToE hacks. Myself and a group of friends were in KiNGs after having been in Kinship together. When MayaThi was blocked for about 4-6 weeks and there was no sign as to when they would be back, and with all of us itching for war, my wife suggested we leave KiNGs and make a new guild of our own.

epi was lvl 4 within hours and the guild was a force within just a couple weeks. after just 1 month XaNDeR took a risk on an up and coming guild and 2 weeks after that the DS Krew took the castle to go on and hold it as the DS Krew and the PL ally for almost a full year, with only a couple weeks sprinkled in as attackers.

The road has been a long and hard one. We've had our ups and downs, our lovers and haters. but there was always something about a true epi member that made them stick out from the rest of kal. we all saw it in each other and it brought us all very close to each and formed some great bonds. those bonds will never be broken even with the passing of the guild. We will always be epi....we're all Epi 4 Life! MouF! RaWRZ0rz!

Bottom's up...

6.5.07 03:59

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