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Going for CastleWar

Some people ask from time to time:"Why arent we going to CastleWar? Is Sandy not trying hard enough to apply? Has she been late?"

I will try to make clear, how hard it is to get a spot for CastleWar.

Every thursday on 1:50pm GMT Sandy teleports to Narootuh and makes her way to one of the gatekeeper. The expected time for WAR-application is 2pm GMT, but, we dont know why, its not always exactly 2pm, it differs from +0min. to +5min..
So meanwhile Sandy arrives at one of the gatekeepers.

Than the clicking-madness starts.

1. Click on the gatekeeper-dude. A new window pops up somewhere on the screen.

2. Now we can click on "Proclaim War" - but, hey, it wouldnt be KAL if it would be THAT, another window pops up, of course somewhere on the screen.

3. In this window you see the defenders of the castle and on the right side you would see the guilds involved in the WAR as attackers. On the lower side of this pop-up we have to click on "War Request" and THAN a small sentence shows up in your ChatWindow, saying:

"its not time for aplying castle siege". What now? Of course starting the clicking-madness again.

1. Click on gatekeeper - new window.

2. Click on "Proclaim War" - new window.

3. Click on "War Request" - seeing the result, being happy if successful or start all over again or beeing unhappy, coz the time is over and all spots are taken.

Now, as I said, it wouldnt be KAL if it aint that easy, duh?

Now, lets get some math into it. iniX limited the CastleWar spots to 40 guilds or maximum 4 Allies x 8 Guilds and Defender Allie (8 Guilds) = 40 spots/guilds

-not yet finished-


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